Christine Clinton brings a unique warmth and positive energy to her clients. Her extensive knowledge and experience coupled with her compassionate listening and natural teaching abilities, enables her to create customized treatments for private clients, student training and speaking engagements for spa industry professionals.

Introducing Wellness For Life, an initiative that couples the Touch Therapy education program with the Children First education program.

Touch Therapy for Cancer Clients, a Christine Clinton Cancer Care™ education program, teaches trained therapists how to bring safe, effective spa treatments for cancer clients to spas and schools worldwide. REGISTER NOW for the next session of training. Or click here to see a list of spas in Ireland who have therapists who are certified in Touch Therapy for Cancer Clients.

Christine Clinton Cancer Care is proud to announce our newest collaboration with Eastern Vibration to bring healing touch and sound therapy to spa clients living with cancer.

Children First, a Christine Clinton Cancer Care™ education program, teaches preschool children, the importance of mindfullness, healthy food choices, exercise, and positive touch.

A wide variety of products are offered from Lindi Skin and Plantogen; shop now!

Watch this video to learn about Lindi Skin: What Makes it So Special?

Three Lindi Skin products were tested at Northwestern University in a study titled Skin Care Management in Cancer Patients: An Evaluation of Quality of Life and Tolerability. Read the Highlights or read the Full Study.


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