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We are so honored that Plantogen Gentle Facial Scrub has made the best facial scrubs list!

Along with huge brands like Kiehl's, Lancome, Clinique and others, we are one of the top facial scrubs recommended and one of the only professional brands recommended by the beauty editor.

The Best Facial Scrubs

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I first introduced Manuka Honey to North America in 2003 and developed the Manuka Honey Facial protocol. We have seen the growth of skin treatments centered on Manuka Honey and now we have developed a bee venom product with amazing properties.

Our bee venom is the real deal – from the same healthy bees that produce active, healing Manuka Honey. There will be imitators – namely from China and Korea but we have the authentic ingredients and product at 1 ppm of bee venom.

Dr Oz has praised bee venom as the new anti aging phenomenon providing a natural alternative to injectables – Have you personally tried our bee venom Mask- the Plantogen Royal Facelift Mask? You can feel it working!

Wanted to share this exciting news: http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/1316789-bee-venom-prevents-hiv-infection-spreading


Discovered: Bee venom can be used to neutralize HIV

Bee venom can be used to neutralize HIV. Put away your vintage copy of The Swarm. It turns out bees — on top of making delicious honey — produce an enzyme component, located in their venom, which scientists at Washington University in St. Louis have used to target and kill HIV virions, thus preventing them from infecting cells they come into contact with. The scientists focused on particular toxin called melittin, which can be used to break down cell walls. "The particles preferentially locked onto HIV and delivered their cargo: The venom component [melittin] poked holes in HIV’s protective protein coat, leading to sharply reduced amounts of virus." The odd origin of the key enzyme means pharmaceutical applications are still a way off, though. [Science News]

J.K. TROTTER7, MAR 15, 2013