Skin Care for Cancer Clients

An Innovative and Integrative Approach to Cancer Care is here!

Each and every one of us has been touched by cancer in some form or another. Any relief or comfort is invaluable to both the patient and those who love them. Christine is a distributor of Lindi Skin products, which were developed here in the USA specifically for clients experiencing the discomfort of common side effects of Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery. The product line was developed with the input of an advisory board compiled of Oncologists, Dermatologists and Cancer patients.

Lindi Skin tried and tested products, which range from cooler rolls to moisturizers, contain no harsh chemicals or irritants and deliver botanical and antioxidant benefits directly to the skin.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and as such needs special care and attention following cancer treatments.

Christine has developed a series of treatments using Lindi products to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. Each client will be assessed privately, and a range of complementary therapies will be discussed and implemented.

GentleWaves, an FDA-approved LED device that uses safe, low level light to help stimulate the skin’s own collagen production, may be introduced as part of the treatment plan. GentleWaves slows down collagen breakdown as it strengthens and repairs the skin, encouraging the formation of new layers of collagen. GentleWaves also reduces inflammation and thus helps in the reduction of skin redness.

Christine is dedicated to the belief that integrating traditional and complimentary practices will yield optimum results for long-term wellness.